Future Project

Shah Alam 2 (Berjuntai Bistari Land)

The proposed Shah Alam 2 originally involved 3,000 acres of land but will be left with a balance of 598.47 acres when the Selangor state settlement exercise is completed. The land is located adjacent to the Universiti Industri Selangor (“UNISEL”) campus about 44 km from the towns of Batang Kali and Kuala Selangor, 30 km from Rawang and 20 km from Bukit Beruntung. While the current access to the site is by the coastal road passing by Kuala Selangor or the trunk road from Rawang.

Berjuntai Bistari is to be developed over 10 years commencing 2016 and will comprise approximately 1,260 units of water front villas and apartments properties with an estimated Gross Development Value of RM985.00 million.

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